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Hi, I'm Zach Hill

Here are somethings about me that you won’t find from watching my videos.

  • 35 year old Father of 4
  • Photography Enthusiast
  • Originally from Chicago now I’m 90 miles west of Chicago(the boonies)

Now that you know more about me that you won’t necessarily see from my videos how about a little about my background in I.T. and why I make the videos that I do and talk about getting into Information Technology.

How I Started:

I first started my endeavors into I.T. by learning HTML and building websites.  I did this from the time I was 15 years old up until I was about 20 years old.  I got burned out very fast from web development and completely lost interest.  This is when I began diving more into the technical and hardware side of computers and technology.  Everyone assumed since I was a big nerd doing websites that I knew a lot about computers.  This kind of jump started me into working on computers.

Work History:

I began working for a small school as a pseudo I.T. Technician.  Working on small issues and such.  After this I began working for myself and one of my very good friends and we did consulting for a few years.  In 2011 I got the great news that I was going to be a father.  Consulting wasn’t going to cut it so I began the search and found a good job for a school district out here in the boonies where I am currently living.  The school district had around 3,300 students, 150 staff members, and around 1,500 devices.  I was in charge of 6 schools including the district office.  After this I moved onto a bigger school that was roughly 3 times the size of the one I left.  The high school that I was in charge of had 2,800 kids alone and 1,500 devices there as well.  I also helped with the other 8 schools in this district.  This totaled to over 10,000 students, 1,000 staff members, and over 5,000 devices.  I left there and went to work for a fortune 500 company for a short while.

Last and Current Position:

In February of 2018 I left my full-time position working as a Mobile Device Administrator for our local hospital to focus on YouTube as my primary job.  Working for the hospital however was a great job, and I worked with absolutely amazing people.  I participated  in a job where I made a difference and I’ve learned throughout my years that is what I find most important about my life.  Anyone can be taught how to work on computers.  Having a passion for helping people on the other hand isn’t something that can be taught as easily.  I thrive on making my customer service skills a number one priority.  Aside from that I truly enjoy the environment I am working in.  It’s a constant battle to stay on top of things so there is almost never a dull moment.  You wanna know more?  Ask Me Anything…(see what I did there?)

Currently I am a full time YouTuber bringing this content right to you!

Joshua Davis

Brand Manager & Cyber Evangelist

Joshua L. Davis has over 20 years of software and security experience. He began his career as a Research Scientist at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (http://gtri.gatech.edu) on efforts primarily for the U.S. Department of Defense and federal government. His research focused on software engineering, test and evaluation, distributed computing, open source software, and cyber security. Joshua recently left academic research and join a cyber security gaming company where he is applying his expertise globally. Joshua holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Computer Science.

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Why I do this? (website, YouTube, helping you!)

If I haven’t made that question painfully clear in a few videos that I’ve done or from reading above.  I love helping people, I honestly feel as though that is my purpose in life.  I want to help everyone that I can.  I chose the path of I.T. because I love technology, but what is really amazing that underlines that is the fact that I am constantly helping people resolve issues and share my knowledge.

That’s why I’m here doing this.  I am passionate about helping you and I want to share my knowledge with you.  Whether you are in high school, college, or you are re-inventing yourself in your 30’s or 40’s.  I’m here to serve you and help guide you on a path that will make an impact on people’s lives.

You may be interested in computers and technology but have absolutely no idea what path might be right for you.  Let me help you choose the right path.  Go through my videos on all the different Things to Know Before Getting into I.T. , Check out my I.T. Basics videos, Don’t forget to see the interviews that I’ve had with other folks in I.T. that can share their points of view as well…and of course please make sure to check out my Ask Me Anything series where you get the chance to ask me anything you want and I take the time to make a video covering that question.

I hope by me doing this I can change a life.  I want to make a difference.  If I can help my purpose is served.







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