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More detailed analytics can be found below. However, we wanted to highlight what we have learned about the IT Career Questions community over the years.

In 2018 Zach was able to become a full-time content creator with only 26,000 subscribers on YouTube.  This was done by creating engaging, authentic, and most importantly genuine content that hooked the viewers because they can relate to Zach as a real person, someone who is approachable, but someone who will also tell you the facts in an effort to help you find the most successful path into the information technology career field.

The IT Career Questions brand is niched into a very specific subset of the information technology field that primarily attracts viewers looking to begin their first career in IT or those looking to make a career change.  This can be seen in our demographics shown further down on this page.  The majority of our viewers are between 25 and 34 years old.  This would indicate that the largest majority of our viewers are those who are looking to make a career change, this can also be determined through a majority of our comments indicating that our viewers are looking to change careers.

Ideal sponsors/advertisers will offer a product or a service that can directly relate to helping our viewers achieve further success in their desired field.

  • Online Training, Schools, Continuing Education
  • Software and Applications that relate to Help Desk, System Administration, Network Administration, and Cybersecurity
  • Computer & Other Technology related Hardware & devices
  • Resume Services
  • Recruiters


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Female: 16.8%
Male: 83.2%



13–17 years = 1.4%
18–24 years = 25.4%
25–34 years = 42.0%
35–44 years = 18.1%
45–54 years = 7.4%
55–64 years = 3.3%
65+ years = 2.5%



United States = 51.4%
India = 4.2%
United Kingdom = 4.2%
Canada = 4.0%
Philippines = 3.6%



Wow. I am now subscribing to everything you’ve done or will do…I’m changing careers, trying to get into IT and this is the 3rd video of yours I’ve seen (minus your intro video). That was so incredibly well-said and was such a mature response…I’m thoroughly impressed.  We can see the fury in your eyes and I, personally, am impressed at how calm, cool, and collected you were in this video.  Thanks for all your videos and help…take it easy.

Tom D.

Wow this is a great video zach.  I get this feeling all the time and its nice (in a weird way) to know that you have this issue too.  You are someone I look to as a role model for productivity, dedication, and progression.  Thank you and keep up the struggle.

Ash G.

I’m about to start my first service desk job and I always figured I should start taking notes even for my current job.  This video basically confirmed that idea.  I really appreciate your videos, I’ve been watching for a while now and I feel like you’re giving out great information.  Keep up the great work!

Chandler Connor

About Zach

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The purpose of I.T. Career Questions is to help individuals who are seeking a career path in the Information Technology career field.

We share information about current trending topics/certifications/jobs, share experiences working in the I.T. field, as well as interview other experts in their respective I.T. roles.

Zach Hill launched IT Career Questions back in 2014 and since has grown to over 240,000 followers and has helped millions of people from all over the world find a successful career in I.T.