How to Stay Current in I.T.

Staying Up to Date

Below you will find our list of resources that you can use
to keep yourself current in today’s technology driven world.


Twitter is one of those resources that is updated 24-7 from real users and professionals in the I.T. field.  If you take the time to search for seasoned professionals you can stumble across communities of other like minded I.T. Pros and stay current with information relevant to you.

A few of my favorites are:





Google News

Use Google News to setup custom alerts and views for topics that only you are interested in hearing about.  I use on a daily basis on my phone to get alerts about any news that has come up for the specific keywords that I have selected.  Go give it a shot.

Keywords you can try:

Cloud Computing


LinkedIn has seen so much growth in the last few years, it’s no wonder that a large community of I.T. professionals have made this their social media home away from home.

Connect with me or other I.T. professionals you know to build a network of other I.T. Pros who will share information similar to what you are looking for to help keep you up to date.


One of my personal favorites is Reddit.  Due to the large community of Reddit you will find a subreddit to fit your needs even in the world of Information Technology.  Here is a couple links to websites that have compiled a master list of I.T. related subreddits and I will post some of my favorites below as well.

Large list of Tech related subreddits.
A Reddit thread filled with more great I.T. Subreddits.

A few of my personal favorites are as follows:


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