Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

Thank you for following over to catch up! Here we will go over the interview questions that you should be asking the INTERVIEWER(the person who is interviewing you) during the interview.

During the interview there is a point where the person who is interviewing you will ask YOU if you have any questions. Here are some great questions that you could ask to help engage them as well as learn more about the organization you are looking to work for.

Special thanks to my connections on LinkedIn for helping pull some of these questions together.

  1. How does your company measure success?
  2. Does your company offer training? External or internal
  3. Does your company offer paid training or paid career advancement(certifications, etc)
  4. Is there a training period for this specific job role?
  5. Why is this position available?
  6. What is the company going to invest in me?
  7. without naming names, can you tell me about a person who showcases the work culture at ? also about someone who doesn’t? It’ll give you an idea about the culture of the company to see if you think you are a good fit.
  8. Does this position require being on-call? Are there any additional benefits to being on-call?
  9. What does your ideal candidate look like?
  10. Do you like your job?
  11. Do you like the culture? Can you tell me about it?
  12. What would you change about the culture?
  13. What does success look like in this job role?
  14. What current challenges face the term in the short term? Long term?
  15. Is this a new job role or existing?
  16. Are there promotion opportunities?
  17. How long has the position been open?
  18. When are you looking to fill the position?
  19. How many people are on the team?
  20. What is your management style?
  21. What is the average tenure of team members?