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3 Tips to be Successful in Tech

Updated: Feb 3

Information Technology is a booming field. There are so many different routes you can pursue in IT, the possibilities are seemingly endless. With that being said, it may seem overwhelming or intimidating to those trying to initially break into the career field. I am going to share with you some of the tips that I have personally used in order to gain my foot in the door. As someone who had absolutely zero technical knowledge when I started, if I can do it, so can you!


Study in the morning before school or work. Study on your lunch break. Study during brief moments of down time. Study when you get home. Do you see the pattern? The best nugget of advice is simple; study your butt off. I personally used Udemy,, Cybrary, CBT Nuggets, and a multitude of other free/cost effective resources. Purchase a book on whatever it is you wish to learn and read it cover to cover, multiple times. If you are studying for specific certifications like the foundational  A+, Net+, Sec+, Professor Messer and Mike Meyers were incredible resources. Some of their material is completely free, some of it is not. If you are on a tight budget, YouTube is often a go-to for quick tutorials and study groups. I hear IT Career Questions is the go to place for anything IT (sorry for the shameless plug Zach).


I understand this may be difficult, however employers value experience over anything else. In IT, a college degree is nice, but experience will seal the deal. If you face the all too often conundrum of not getting hired due to lack of experience, yet not getting the experience due to a lack of being hired, this is a fantastic way to get your foot in the door. Volunteering on your off time and weekends will help you gain foundational knowledge, will get your name out there, and will definitely help you build that IT-focused resume. Local churches, schools (especially in the summer-time), and non-profit organizations are often looking for extra help. Volunteering may be your ticket to landing your first IT job!

Military service

If breaking into IT is your ultimate goal, but you cannot seem to get there, look into joining the National Guard or Reserves. This is not a recruiting pitch, however you need to consider all of your options. You will be paid to learn IT and will slowly progress into more advanced positions as your skill levels increase. Employers value experience as I stated before, especially military experience. Not to mention, they will pay for your civilian certifications and will send you to certification courses/bootcamps to increase your skill levels. You will get a multitude of experiences within IT; from help desk to system administrator, information assurance, and more.

I hope these quick tips may be of use to you, they helped me get into the IT field as a complete beginner. IT is a fantastic opportunity, you just need to take the first leap of faith and get your hands dirty! If you have any other recommendations for the beginner trying to break into the career field, please feel free to comment below and share your thoughts!

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