Thank you for taking the time to look into my resume service. While there are plenty of resume services out there what I am offering is currently targeting those of you whom are looking to get into the Information Technology field. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and I feel as though I have an excellent grasp on what potential employers are looking for in their job candidates. I have been on both sides of the table during the hiring process so I know what I’m looking for in an employee and I know how I can help you achieve a better process during your interviews.

1. Review your current resume and/or work history, school history, skills, achievements, volunteer work, etc.
2. Build a new and improved resume with customizable cover letter based on information provided.
3. Evaluate your online presence with social media accounts.
4. Preview of premium I.T. Career Questions Interview Course.

Why is my resume service different from anyone else out there?
Not many services focus primarily on I.T. Based on your experience, skills, and history I try to craft your resume to highlight what I.T. recruiters and Directors are looking for in their candidates. On top of that I take the time to evaluate your online presence via your social media accounts.

If you are familiar with any of my YouTube videos you will see that my whole purpose is to help those of you who are looking to get into Information Technology. By using my resume service you will be working directly with me and as I do with my YouTube channel and the work that I do every day you will receive the same passion and purpose that I put behind those to make a difference in peoples lives every day.


One Time Fee: $59.95

Mock Interview Preparation:

The Mock Interview Preparation is one of my favorite services that I offer. What better way to prepare for an upcoming interview than to sit down with me via Skype, FaceTime, or any other Live Video Chat Service and have real life interview with me. I will go through the entire interview process with you and ask you some of the questions that you might receive during an interview***. During the interview process we will stop to evaluate your answers or to discuss different points that should be made.

After we go through the entire interview I will go over some key points and area’s of focus that I believe will help you out during your interview.

I know and you know(or might not even know yet) the interview process can be nerve racking. Setting up a mock interview like this will help alleviate some of those nerves that you might have and I will be there to help reassure you that everything will be okay. I’m in your corner to help you achieve your goals.

Special Notes: The typical interview process can sometimes take between 30 minutes to 60 minutes just to go through the actual asking and answering of questions. The mock interview process will take roughly double that time due to the breaking and discussing answers and feedback. Please be prepared to set aside 2 hours of time for the Mock Interview.

If you purchased the I.T. Interview Preparation Course you will receive discounted pricing on the Mock Interview.

Pricing: All pricing and calendar times are in 1/2 hour time slots

1/2 hour: $24.95

Purchased I.T. Interview Preparation Course: TBD

***Please note: I cannot guarantee that any of the questions that I ask will be part of your REAL LIFE JOB interview. Every interview process from job to job is completely different and sometimes they will ask completely different questions or put you through off-the-wall scenarios. The interview process that I will put you through will cover many different questions/topics that are OFTEN found during interviews. You will be required to sign a waiver agreeing that you understand that there is no guarantee that the questions I ask YOU during this MOCK INTERVIEW PREPARATION will be the same questions that are asked during your REAL LIFE INTERVIEW FOR A REAL LIFE JOB THAT PAYS YOU REAL LIFE MONEY.

I.T. Interview Preparation Course

Prepare Yourself to Nail That Interview!

The I.T. Interview Preparation Course is a series of videos that will take you through the interview process step-by-step. The purpose of this course aside from getting you prepared to rock the interview is to help minimize the anxiety and nerves that are associated with the entire interview process.

  1. How to prepare before the interview.
  2. How to handle yourself and the questions during the interview.
  3. What to do after the interview.

This course is designed to prepare you for real world scenarios in an interview process. Starting from the beginning I will help get you mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to step foot into the interview room. The longest part of the course will discuss what happens during the interview. I will talk about how to keep your composure, how to properly answer questions, we will go over quite a few sample questions and scenarios and different ways that you can answer them, ways to engage with your interviewers and ask them questions and strike conversation, and we will also talk about the best ways to approach the end of an interview. Which questions should you ask and which questions you should completely avoid asking. Then we will talk about what you will want to do immediately after the interview and what to do in the days to follow.