Getting an I.T. Job with No Experience

Let’s talk about getting an I.T. job with no experience.  This is one of those questions that is hard to answer and not many people will like the answer.  Leave me your feedback!    

How to Get into I.T. Without a Degree

In this video I discuss a few options that you can take in getting a career in I.T. with no degree.  It’s possible and I am living proof.  Check out the video for more.

Ask Me Anything – Video Series

This is my favorite video series that I do.  It’s called AMA or Ask Me Anything.  This gives everyone a chance to ask me some of the questions they have regarding I.T., whether it’s career choices or general questions.  Check it out!  

CMD Prompt Basics Tutorial – Part 1

Let’s go over a few of the CMD Prompt basics that you should know when you’re looking to get into some type of Help Desk or Technician type of position in I.T.  

Types of I.T. Jobs

In this video I go over a few of the different types of I.T. Careers that are out there.  

I.T. Basics – Things to know

These are a few of the I.T. basics such as CMD Prompt, PowerShell, Exchange…etc that you should start studying before you get into Information Technology.  

Things to know before getting into I.T.

These are a few of the things that I think everyone should know before getting into Information Technology.  It’s a long road that requires constant learning.