Come Prepared for a Job Interview

Check out this video to learn one very important tip I can give to you in regards to coming prepared for a job interview.  This might be something you’ve never thought of.  

How to Ask for a Raise at Work

Are you looking to bargain with your boss for more money?  Are you nervous to ask for a raise?  Check out this video where I give you some tips on some things that you should know before you ask for a raise.  

Operating Systems To Learn Part 2

In this video we talk about learning Linux and OSX.  You may have never used either of these but just learning the basics to Linux and OSX are essential to getting into the I.T. field.  Check out this video to learn more.  

I.T. Basics to Learn – Operating Systems

If you’ve ever wondered what I.T. Basics to learn check out this most recent video that I did where I talk about learning the basics of operating systems.  Operating system basics are the most essential thing to make sure you have a handle on before getting into I.T.  

Information Technology Degrees

Are you looking to get a degree in I.T.?  What might suit you better, a masters degree in I.T.? or maybe you’re looking to get your bachelors degree in Information Technology.  Let me talk about some of the differences you may find with the two when it comes to finding the best I.T. Career for you.

I.T. Internships and Volunteer Work

If you don’t already know finding some volunteer work or internships in information technology can be HUGE for you.  These are both great ways to not only get experience but to also build your resume.  This video will show you more.  

Do you Love I.T.? Or are you Passionate about I.T.?

This has been a debatable topic.  You can love I.T. and do a great job, but I feel as though if you’re passionate about information technology you’ll do an even better job.  Check out this video to find out more.  

How to Get Promoted in I.T.

Let’s talk about moving up positions in your current job.  How can you get promoted or advance in your current I.T. job?  Check out some of what I have to say in this video and stay tuned because there will be many more videos on this topic to help you get ahead!  

Anti-Virus – Does it Work?

In this video I go over Anti-Virus for both residential(home) use and what you can expect in a corporate environment.  Let me know what you think.